Summer time means lots of drivers on the road and lots of sunlight to see yard signs

Well-designed yard sign by Sign2DayWell-designed yard signs, like those pictured here, can be highly-effective at anytime of year, but NOW is a great time to get them printed and put up in high-traffic areas. Summer means that more people are on the roads and can see marketing messages from about 6:45 a.m. to 9 p.m, depending on where you are in the country.

The marketing experts at Sign2Day have tracked the results of their signs over the years. One case study produced seven jobs from seven new clients, totaling close to $4,000.00. The lifetime value of that one $15.00 dollar sign is likely to exceed $10,000.00. That is a return on investment (ROI) that is nearly impossible to beat in the advertising world.

Gutter Cleaning Yard Sign by Sign2DayNot every location and not every sign is going to produce that kind of result, but Sign2Day’s premium design service will bring great results when put in front of the right audience. The old ‘bandit’ signs leave little to be desired when compared with Sign2Day’s offerings.

Our marketing pros produced one sign for a gutter cleaning business that resulted in over $1,500.00 worth of work, all coming from within a two block radius of a neighborhood. This was all from just one sign!If you would like to get a free quote, click here. To shop our online store, click here.

We are happy to help you tell your world about your business. Remember, you may have a great solution to someone’s problems, but they may never have their problems solved unless they know about your solution. Our yard signs can tell them you have the solution.

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